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Please, take the time to fill this form out as completely and accurately as possible. It is designed to get as much attention on your project as possible. Max It Magazine is a recognized source for listing projects on IMDB. This is due to The Max It Team fact checking and confirming the information you provide. We do not accept blog posts, opinion/editorial content, or general writing, as a press release. All press releases must be in general AP Style. This means no personal opinion or supposition, unless it is in a quote from a person involved with the project and must be designated as such. No anonymous quotes.

Questions on how to write a proper press release? CLICK HERE to be taken to a page that will have a sample press release and helpful information for reference. Believe it or not, it isn’t that difficult and Max It does it’s best to make it the best it can be for you and your project!

Things To Make Sure Are Included In The Press Release:
– Only use “Me”, “I”, or other personal designators inside quote marks and make sure to give credit to the person that said it. This is a formal press release, not a blog, tweet, or post.

– Do not hype the project. Only give the facts. Hype can be as a quote from someone involved. No Anonymous quotes allowed.

– Where (Location the project was filmed/developed – City, State/Territory & Country).

– When (When was it filmed?)

– What is it about?

– Who is involved and how did they help make the project happen? Talent, Producer(s), Director, Writer(s), All Crew – ALWAYS INCLUDE EVERYONE’S TWITTER ACCOUNT! It will boost the attention your project gets dramatically!)

– Cast & Crew Information: First & Last Name, IMDB, Twitter Name (MOST IMPORTANT LINK TO INCLUDE), Other Social Media, Etc.

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I am the legal, or official representative of this project, or represent those that are and am submitting this information with their knowledge and agreement. The information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will not hold Max It responsible for any errors, or omissions and agree that Max It may edit it for length and accuracy.
I understand and will not hold Max It responsible for the publishing or lack of publishing, or time period that either requires to evaluate this submission.
I understand that Max It is not required to inform me of the publishing, or non-publishing of this submission. It is up to me to check.
I understand that Max It is accepting this submission for consideration in good faith and does so without requirement or obligation of payment.

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