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Max It Magazine is not only a recognized news source by IMDB and other film industry organizations, but the go to source for indie film news. The Max It Team takes it’s job very serious for several reasons. We all love and work in the film industry. We see the need to give a voice to indie films that have really never had a true voice and we love learning about indie film projects from around the world.

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So, with that stated, we also need to you to keep in mind several things when submitting your press release for your project.

The easier you make it for us to do our job the faster you get attention on your project.
The Max It Team fact checks everything you submit.
The way we have designed our form and what we need in the press release is to help you get the most attention on your project – NO MATTER WHAT PHASE IT IS IN!

Unlike any other publication that claims to support indie film Max It goes much, much further with actual action! We start when you start! You’ve got a script and are now ready to start talking about it. That’s when you should start getting your first press release ready. From the student film or small production that is launching a development crowdfunding campaign to have the investor package created and get that concept trailer shot, all the way through releasing it. Max It wants you to keep the readers updated.

We know that those doing small productions or student films today will be running the new studios of tomorrow.

The two most important things to keep in mind when creating a press release for Max It is be accurate and put in as much information as concisely as possible. What’s this mean?

Accuracy in the details you are providing. If you are just getting a crowdfunding campaign going, but haven’t shot anything, then don’t say you are in production! Select Campaign in the dropdown. It goes into a special area which gets extra attention to help you raise the money you need. Max It has helped indie filmmakers raise over $1,000,000.00 through the support we throw at their campaigns. AND keep us updated with a new press release as you hit your goals. Once a week, or every other week is a good benchmark. The reader wants to know!

Once you have finished campaigning, or raising funds, let the readers know what is in store for the project and share some photos, or footage of it. This is a crucial part in keeping the attention of the audience. So many filmmakers forget to keep the information flow going and they lose a lot of potential supporters by not following up with a press release of “Now What?”. This is also why a lot of indie filmmakers end up not getting distribution and production deals in place. They forget to let the industry know that they are actually doing the work now.

Remember, this is not a blog, Facebook post, or Tweet. This is a professional press release that could be published in the Hollywood Reporter or LA Times, just as easily as Max It. Max It is also a stepping stone to getting a lot more attention from those publications as well. Don’t believe for a minute that the 1.2 million visitors we had in our first year online were just filmmakers from around the world. A lot of them were studio executives, agents, managers and journalists from other publications. So, be professional in your presentation. That’s why we’re going to show you how to create a professional press release. The founder of Max It worked for the AP and several publications, so he knows what he’s doing when it comes to this type of thing!

Let’s get started:

Remember: DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. Not in the headline and not for titles, or in any part of the press release!


HEADLINE: Keep it accurate, clean and simple.  Title Case. EXAMPLE: Caesar Films Launches Campaign For New Action Series
(A simple, clean, clear headline will get you in the door. Don’t go dramatic with it, but be creative and SHORT).

(Always write your press release in a document application, then Copy & Paste it into the submission form. Keep a copy for yourself and reference.)

(FIRST PART – Give the location City, State/Territory & Country. Local news could be pulled from Global Publications and online sources.)
Los Angeles, CA. United States

(SECOND PART – Give details about the project. No personal notes. Give the facts. Don’t go crazy on the details. People’s attention span is that of a squirrel. Keep them interested by making it a fast read. Then make sure to submit an update in a couple of weeks. This is how to grow the attention on the project, you and those you are working with.)
Max It Magazine announced today that it will be relaunching it’s globally recognized indie film news site and will be accepting press releases from indie filmmakers in all countries. The first press releases it publishes will be about indie films, the directors, producers and any talent appearing in them.

(THIRD PART – Talk about the story. What is the purpose of the film and give a general synopsis to get peoples interest in watching for it.)
Max It is the voice of indie film and works to give indie filmmakers the attention they deserve. For themselves and the projects they create. It takes place on a global level and involves filmmakers from every country and all levels. From those starting to make their first short film, to the professional that is working on their 500th feature.

(FOURTH PART – Talk about the production and how it came into being. This is where you can add some creativity, without a bunch of action words. Add quotes for those actions words, about how it is to work on the project and what it’s about from those involved. No Anonymous Quotes!)
Published by Writer/Producer/Publisher Scott C. Brown, Edited by Writer/Director Jonathan Cocco and starring Actor Bryan McClure as the Head of Social Media, the team came together in an effort to promote indie film on a global level.
(Add some interesting quotes that show the emotion of those involved with the project and those that are benefitting from it. USE QUOTE MARKS)
“We are very excited about the relaunch of Max It and what it can do for indie filmmakers!” Stated Scott C. Brown, from his home in Orange County, CA. “This is a new age of filmmaking and Max It wants to make sure those that are breaking that ground get the attention they deserve!”
Scott C. Brown has been working in the film industry from nearly 40 years, starting as a child actor. He now works extensively with writers that are looking to make a living through screenwriting, through his mentoring program, as well as producing films through his production company Pushing The Pen.

(FIFTH PART – List the Film’s Information Along with Everyone involved & Their Information)
Max It Magazine Twitter: @MaxItMagazine IMDB ETC. ETC. ETC.


Directed by Julie Smooh @Twitter IMDB Facebook Instagram ETC. ETC.
Produced by Greg Smooh @Twitter IMDB Facebook Instagram ETC. ETC.
Written by Larry Smooh @Twitter IMDB Facebook Instagram ETC. ETC.
Edited by
(ALL CAST & CREW WITH ALL THEIR INFORMATION TOO! If they helped make your project happen then give them the credit they deserve! List everyone!)

(SIXTH PART – Poster/Photos – Add the projects poster, a few production shots and some stills.)

(SEVENTH PART – Video Link – Add the YouTube/Vimeo/Etc. link for the trailer, episode, or place to support/watch/buy the project)

By following these steps you are providing everything you need to make a professional press release that will help your project get the attention it deserves. By doing so it will allow the Max It Team to fact check and publish your press release in a timely manner and helping you to get the maximum amount of attention for your project!

Now click Submit Post!

If properly prepared and submitted, as shown above, you should get a notification and your press release should be published within 7 days. If you checked the site and it did not make it, make sure to review and resubmit. You should receive a confirmation that it was published, or a notice of decline. Check back just in case.

We wish you and your project the best and know that Max It is here to give you and your film the voice it deserves. A global audience is listening!



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