Bollywood to Hollywood

Bollywood to Hollywood

A closer look behind the recent films ‘A Night Out at the Mystic Bar’ shot in Playa Vista, CA and ‘The Pendington Mansion Mystery’ shot in Pomona, CA under the production of Four Horn Dragon Films has revealed an amazing discovery, Rashmi Chaturvedi. You would never guess this humble, soft-spoken woman was the phenomenal talent, packed with intensity and passion that raised these films to new heights. In the world of independent film making, and most films in general, editing is an after thought. This typically means zero budget if any for sound design and composing, which makes what she did all the more impressive.

With the right music a poorly written film can be elevated to a cult classic like “High Fidelity” or transform a good animation into a block-buster film, like “Frozen”. The questions where do you find these rare talents that know how to spin straw into gold. Well, Eric Rigg, Chief Executive Officer of Four Horn Dragon Films, found Rashmi by chance through a connection at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants – the mecca of music conventions). She had completed her Master’s Degree in English Literature and Master’s Degree in World Music from Cal Arts in LA. What’s even more surprising is she hails from literally the other side of the world, Chennai, India which has a thriving film industry in each state that rivals our own Hollywood, yet chooses to share her vast extraordinary talents here which we desperately need in our search for genuine diversity to compete in the global market place. We’re often impressed when someone can speak one or two languages and then comes along this petite woman who’s fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and of course music wither composition, vocalist or performer.

It’s evident that Rashmi infuses her rich cultural heritage into her craft with the proactive approach to composition, where she weaves a delicate tapestry of sound so profoundly moving, she inspired the writer and producer to alter the scripts and story directions for the better. “She gave us completely unexpected results”, said her producer, Eric Rigg. “Her influence transformed the sad, hopeless ending of a romantic drama into a happy ending with a valuable life lesson for the viewing audience. Because of Rashmi’s input, a suspense-filled Horror/Thriller ending in terror was transformed into a story of even greater tension ending with the triumph of the human spirit over evil.”

Whenasked how she musically influences others so effectively she cheerfully replies, “I simply want to make the world a better place. My ability is inspired by my goal to help people see the best in themselves and use it to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. We should all do our part.”

Instrong agreement with her, Eric Rigg, has signed Rashmi to work her magic on nine additional upcoming feature films of various genres scheduled for production throughout the United States under Four Horn Dragon Films over the next three years. He observes, “Rashmi’s compositions and angelic voice reveal a good side in us we don’t normally see. Her immense talent is a great gift to the industry.”

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