‘An Addicting Picture’ Online

‘An Addicting Picture’ Online

Chicago, Illinois (2017)

‘An Addicting Picture’ is currently in post-production after recently finishing up principal photography in downtown Chicago. Although the film is in the early stages of post, ‘An Addicting Picture’ is already creating buzz around the world. Articles about the anticipated film’s release can be found in ‘The Odyssey’, ‘Blasting News’, ‘Gem City Podcast’ & ‘FilmDayton’. Shareca Cole, an actor in ‘The Odyssey’, wrote: “This film [An Addicting Picture] is the definition of minimalism; if you are looking for a simple setting with insane twists, you got it!” Since their teaser trailer dropped on YouTube, they have been approached by 3 different distribution companies for a first-look deal (2 in Los Angeles, 1 in Florida).

The film tells the story of a man that must prove he’s not an addict, after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture. ​While the story line has many layers, the entire film takes place in the top floor of a penthouse in downtown Chicago (minus 2 small exterior scenes).

All Andy has to do is get his fiancé’s sister, Kathy, to approve the wedding and they can get happily married. But there is only one problem: Kathy thinks Andy is a gambler, alcoholic, ​womanizer and chain smoker. However, Kathy, up until now, has never met Andy. She came up with this quick assumption ​by​ viewing Andy’s online dating profile photo. So, there is only one thing left to do: they must meet at her “office” and get to the bottom of these accusations. But since Kathy is a full-time psychic, their conversation gets interrupted with her eccentric and downright chilling clients. Andy witnesses the supernatural…. or is it just his mind playing tricks on him​?​ Does Kathy possess a sort of trance that no one else can explain? Kathy has only one day, before nightfall, to prove to Tiffany that Andy is not who he says he is. But the real question is whether Andy is the only one with secrets…. Can someone really be pegged off of one single picture? Kathy thinks so….​​

The writer of the feature script, Jacob N. Stuart, connected with Chicago-based producer, Puja Pandey, while he was still in Los Angeles in Summer of 2016. According to the filmmakers, the time difference, contradicting schedules and assembling the right cast/crew, seem at the time too much of a burden to bear. Then, in December 2016, Stuart and Pandy reconnected, after Pandy moved back to the Midwest (Dayton, OH), and decided to direct the film together.

The film was shot in 5 days on 2 cameras and Stuart takes no credit for that. He has said on multiple platforms that “The talent and crew were the real rock stars!”

The project was filmed in Chicago during the inauguration for the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Being that the penthouse was only a few blocks from Trump Tower, it created interesting backdrop with the cast and crew worried about noise control surrounding the inauguration and marches that were taking place.

IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt6065846

Twitter: @AddictingPicture

Facebook: AnAddictingPicture

Website: www.AnAddictingPicture.com

Producer/Director: Puja Pandey @PujaPandey111

Screenwriter/Director: Jacob N. Stuart @JacobNStuart

Cinematographer: Tom Dallis @tomdallis

Co-Cinematographer: Christian M. Wilson @christiamwilsonfilms

Sound Department: Kevin Hicks

1st Assistant Director/A.C: Kevin Veselka

Production Manager: Bea Dageforde @BumbleBea81

Make-Up Artist: Michelle Rose Nobs @michellermakeup

Key Grip: Nolan Sordyl @NOLANinthedeep3

Kathy: Sarah Jeanette Taylor @SarahJTaylor

Andy: Michael

Herman Tiffany: Madeline Gross

Adele: Colleen Mooney

Sergeant Aiden: Cassie Negron @cassienegron

Dom: Todd Netherton @Oddball144

Richard: Sam Sweis

Officer Moss: Aaron Smart @aaronsmrt

Warren: John Prevost

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