British Indie Film Soldiers Of Embers Hits LA

British Indie Film Soldiers Of Embers Hits LA

Norwich, England

British Indie Film ‘Soldiers of Embers’ is currently filming in Norwich, England. Matt Long of Bulldog Films Ltd has had the film in the planning stages for a year and started filming in October 2016 bringing a fantastic multi-award winning cast and crew together. The film is due to wrap shooting in May 2017 and due for release later the same year.

Soldiers of Embers follows the story of retired Paratrooper Jack Bishop (Played by Matt Long). Jack retired from the forces to spend time with his wife and especially his daughter who he is trying to reconnect with whilst feeling guilty for not being around whilst she was growing up. A set of circumstances set Jack on a journey of revenge and brotherhood in this very dark and gripping action drama.

Matt wrote the first draft of ‘Soldiers of Embers’ back in August 2015 and formed Norwich based British Independent Film company Bulldog Films Ltd. After a period of a year researching, pinning down locations, hiring cast and crew and developing the script with Danny Cotton who Co-Wrote with Matt, the script was fine-tuned after seven drafts. Matt and Danny were then happy the feature film was ready for production.

Matt quotes, “Casting has been the hardest part as a few cast members were recast along the way due to scheduling conflicts etc but we have a huge amount of talent attached to this film. Multi-award winning indie film director Danny Cotton is on board so direction is in extremely safe hands. Danny has a great style of direction allowing me to bring the character of Jack Bishop to life in my own way whilst still bringing his directors vision to the screen.” Matt also went on to say, “Andrew Cant is the most talented DOP I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is spot on and his 4K visuals continue to blow me away on every shoot. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and can always knows which tools are needed to get the job done. This makes my job as an actor easier on set as I know I can concentrate on being Jack Bishop safe in the knowledge that between Danny and Andrew we are going to end up with amazing visuals. I could talk about the entire cast and crew for ages. I feel privileged to work with such an amazing talented bunch of people. Everyone involved in this film is so passionate about this British Indie Film and that really shows through on screen.”

With regards to social media in the industry, Matt uses this as a very powerful media promotion tool stating, “Social Media has been a fantastic tool and upon release of our 4K film stills there was a massive explosion of interest in the United States especially from Los Angeles followers which we are extremely grateful for. It felt right to submit a press release for our loyal stateside followers for all their support in which we cannot thank them enough. Thanks to our loyal followers retweeting and following Facebook, the film is now getting tweeted in Hollywood Celebrity film circles which I still can’t get my head around after writing this film so long ago in my kitchen in England then seeing my vision being recognized in Hollywood. This proves my strong belief that working hard and a ‘never give up’ attitude does pay off.”

Matt and Danny are collaborating on multiple indie film projects alongside ‘Soldiers of Embers’ with their production companies ‘Bulldog Films’ and ‘Fabrication Images’ so will be two Indie Film companies to watch as big things are coming.

Checkout the website
Twitter : @Bulldogfilmuk
Facebook :
Instagram :

Written By Matt Long & Danny Cotton

Director : Danny Cotton
Facebook :
Twitter : @dannycdirector
Instagram :

Produced By : Matt Long
Facebook :
Twitter : @MattLong1980
Instagram :

Director of Photography : Andrew Cant
Facebook :
Twitter : @andrewcantfilm
Instagram :

Jack Bishop – Matt Long (Twitter @mattlong1980)
Jimmy Moran – Adam Oakley (Twitter @AdamOakley_)
Steve Mitchell – Andy Woodrow (Twitter @andywoodrow)
Amanda Bishop – Amber Addison (Twitter @amberaddison12)
Jo Bishop – Pippa Harrison (Twitter @pippaharrison_)
D.C.I. Greenwood – Neil Hobbs (Twitter @nwhobbs1)
D.S. Dawkins – Peter Long
Eddie Mason – Mark Keegan Laura – Rachel Sutton Lloyd Thompson – Julian Gamm (Twitter @JulianGamm) Leroy Foster – Wayne Gordon (Twitter @OfficialWayneG) Danny Evans – Steve Ward (Twitter @Ward1975Sw) Lucy – Laura Gillingham (Twitter @ldgillingham22) Dex – Rod Glenn (Twitter @rodglenn) Dave – Michael Briggs (Twitter @Lucksk1) Jez – Mark Windham (Twitter @windham84)

1st Assistant Director – Adam Sturman (Twitter @adamsturman)
Head of Makeup – Laura Dack (Twitter @Lauras_Space_)
Special Effects Makeup – Chloe Winslade
Prosthetics – Keith Wilson (Twitter @Keithjohnwilson)
Armourer – Andrew Cant (Twitter @andrewcantfilm)
Editor – Eve Wheatley (Twitter @evethecreep)
On Set Photographer – Michael Briggs (Twitter @Lucksk1)
Production Assistant – John FG Ferrer (Twitter @aliensharkboy)
Production Assistant – Michael Bailey (Twitter @mbmichaell)
Production Assistant – Felix Knight (Twitter @felixknght472)

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