New Web Series About The Creative Struggle Arrives

New Web Series About The Creative Struggle Arrives

Toronto, Ontario.

A brand-new, unique story has arrived to the web this fall. Opinionate This the web series launched it’s season premier in the beginning of the October this year. Featuring content creators Lindsay Rollins, Patrick Smith and Titus McNally, the series draws from experience on creative project’s ups, downs and rewards.

The series aims to shed a light on the experiences of content creators through a comedic lens. The co-writer and producer of the series Patrick Smith said, “We are super excited to release this. This has probably been the most rewarding and fun project we have worked on in months. I just really hope audiences love it as much as I do.” Lindsay Rollins, the co-producer adds “ We feel we appeal to the young generation creating digital content the most, specifically the artistic shy closeted people of the Internet. Mostly because I feel that we identify with them the most.”

Following up on their association with the Internet generation, the show plans to draw mostly from social media to gain an audience using such tactics as:

• Creating a Facebook event for the season premier and finale

• Creating gifs from the first episode to share on Instagram throughout production, showing behind the scenes footage

• Becoming a part of the web series community on such forums as Reddit and more.

Opinionate This is a web series and podcast that started on YouTube in 2015. They primarily focus on creators and their relationships with media, specifically movies and film. It is entirely run, shot, marketed and edited by three creatives based out of Toronto, Ontario. They look forward to growing as a production company and making even more ambitious projects in the future.


contact: [email protected]

YouTube channel:

Twitter: @opinionate_this

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