TheBruvs Comedy Animation Takes On Music

TheBruvs Comedy Animation Takes On Music

London, England

TheBruvs – the online comedy animation – is taking on a new challenge: Music. The series is about a family of London villains trying to go straight – and failing. Big time. Now the family faces the extra challenge of entering the world of Music. With a nod to hiphop, the characters’ favourite sayings and phrases have been remixed to create an annoyingly catchy number.

The Music does not end there. Those responsible for the remix, Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour, have also come up with a song – all about TheBruvs that will become the series’ new theme tune. A longer version will become a new episode. “We are very excited about the musical innovations,” says one of the show’s creators, Ian Brown. The first music number has a video thanks to editor Paul Richmond re-working some classic moments of TheBruvs.

The new song will become a new episode filling in some of the back story of TheBruvs which continues to grow its fanbase on YouTube and other platforms.

Producer – Ian Brown

Director – Eoin Clarke

Music – Stig Winslet, Pete Harbour

Sound – Paul Richmond


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