Parallel The Film Released On Video On Demand

Parallel The Film Released On Video On Demand

London, England.

Dare you look at your other side? When Neil meets Heather it is love at first sight… They enjoy a whirlwind romance and revel in how happy they are… Until they run into Machlis… Parallel is an erotic and chilling psychological drama with a distinctly new approach and a killer twist!

Produced by Alexander Cooper, edited by Chris Yardley and starring Actor David Magowan as Neil, the team came together in an effort to produce indie film on a global level. “We are very excited about the release of Parallel and what it represents for British independent film!” stated Alexander Cooper. “This is a new age of filmmaking and we want to produce quality British made independent films with a fresh approach.” Cooper is now producing “Sandow” his directorial debut.

Alexander Cooper of Parallel Entertainment announced that he has released his debut feature film production “Parallel” through video on demand at

Twitter: @alexcooper81 @parallelmovies


Directed by Ieva Makselyte

Produced by Alexander Cooper Twitter @alexcooper81 IMDB

Written by David Magowan

Edited by Chris Yardley

Starring Daniel Westwood – Roy – Macbeth Faye Sewell – Heather – Sparrow Alexander Cooper – Peter – The Imitation Game Melissa Veszi – Anna – II David Magowan – Neil – Dead Money Francesca Sgrò – Rhianna – Vittima degli eventi James Petherick – Stuart Fisher – Asylum Alb An – John Brian Carter – Machlis – Closure

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