PWFF ’16 Official Selection: A Lesson in Restraint

PWFF ’16 Official Selection: A Lesson in Restraint

Philadelphia, PA. United States (July 4, 2016) “A Lesson in Restraint”, a short film by Nicholas Harsin and Cinechat Productions has just received Official Selection status into the 2016 Philadelphia Playhouse West Film Festival.

Desperate to get his best friend laid, Nicholas takes Christopher on a metaphorical vision quest to understand the importance of picking your first peach. The two young men embark on magical journey of self-discovery, imparting sage wisdom and amicability along the way.

Directed by actor/writer/producer Nicholas Harsin, photographed by Henry Power and starring actors Christopher Gatpo and Nicholas Harsin, the team came together to tell a fun and inspirational story inspired by the dramatic training Nicholas received at Playhouse West, home of Sanford Meisner’s acting school, one of the founding members of the Harold Clubman’s pivotal Group Theater in New York in 1931. This is the first film released by Harsin’s Cinechat Productions. “On the surface, this is a teen movie about virginity. Beneath that, it’s a film about being true to yourself.” said first-time director Nicholas Harsin. “I wrote this script as a thank you to Sanford Meisner and to my mentor Mr. Robert Carnegie, for teaching me to follow my impulses.”

Nicholas Harsin studied theatre at The University of Glasgow and film at The University of Arizona. He recently starred in “Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk”, a feature film directed by Eric Stoltz. He is represented by Mark Rousso at Industry Entertainment and by Ryan Hayden at Ideal Talent Agency. Cinechat Productions

Directed, Written and Produced by Nicholas Harsin @nicholasharsin
Photographed by Henry Power
Sound Design by Cat Larkin @LarkinCat
Starring Christopher Gatpo @chrisgatpo
Nicholas Harsin @nicholasharsin

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