CrowdFunder Launched For Sci-Fi Short Inflorescence

CrowdFunder Launched For Sci-Fi Short Inflorescence

Falmouth. Cornwall. UK

Innerscope Pictures has just released the crowdfunding campaign for their new short film Inflorescence and will be seeking pledges from all over the world. There is a wide range of rewards and perks for for all looking to get involved  and support this new film project.

Inflorescence is the prequel to award winning short Synthetica. The film revisits a world rife with surveillance, that’s cracked down on those who speak out, particularly women. The story follows Inspector Herrera, a stoic, veteran investigator renowned for extracting information from prisoners, who is sent to Elmwood Prison; home to society’s most vicious and threatening women. There awaits Daisy Rae, Elmwood’s most dangerous prisoner and the one Herrera needs answers from.

Directed by Alex Falconer, Produced by Jez Marshall and Hollie Bell, the team felt this story of isolation and the environment was one that needed to be told. “I am really looking forward to getting this film made and hopefully with the help of the filmmaking community, we can raise the funds needed to do so” stated Director of the Inflorescence, Alex Falconer, at a local coffer shop in Falmouth, Cornwall. “It’s exciting to be working with a cast and crew who have been involved in such films as Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Game of Thrones, I really do believe we are going to make a great film” Alex’s 2nd short film ‘Inflorescence’, written by Tim Seyfert, is the prequel to his 2015 British Film Institute (BFI and Royal Television Society (RTS) Nominated short film ‘Synthetica’.

After graduating from Falmouth University in 2015 Alex went on to launch production company System Error Studio and the creative agency Regime, under which he has directed several high budget fashion films and online adverts.

To support Inflorescence:

Innerscope Pictures – Twitter: @innerscopefilms Instagram @innerscopepictures

Director: Alex Falconer – Twitter @AlexFalconerUK Instagram @directoralexfalconer

Producer: Jez Marshall – Twitter @jezmarshalluk Instagram @jezmarshall

Producer: Hollie Bell – Twitter @_HollieBell Instagram @hollieebell

Director of Photography: Jonny Dane Twitter @JonDaneUK Instagram @jondane

Camera Operator: Josh Butcher Instagram @butcherjna

Sound Designer: Dan Thompson Instagram @d_thompson

Gaffer: John Crooks

2nd Assistant Director: Albertine Selvik C

Costume Designer: Mark Foster

Make-Up: Kelsey Leigh-Walker

Storyboard & Concept Artist: Sammy- Jo Tawn – Twitter @SammyJoTawn Instagram @sammyjotawn

Inspector Herrera: Kevin Horsham IMDB –

Daisy: Robyn Steyn IMDB – Twitter @MsRobynSteyn

Grace: Kerstin Francis IMDB –

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