Kung Fu Series Reinvented As a Revenge Fantasy

Kung Fu Series Reinvented As a Revenge Fantasy

Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

Short action-thriller Karma becomes a feature with two investors interested.

Karma tells the story of an orphan-girl, raised with ninjas, leaves the monastery to track her father’s murderers. Complications arise, when she falls for one of her adversaries…

The Karma short is successfully running the festival circuit and has already received an award-nomination, according to the writer/director Ingrid Patzwahl. Shot in Los Angeles with a multinational crew, the European Soroptimist organization provided the funding. Ingrid and her co-writer Mark O’Callaghan have now completed a treatment on a Karma feature film, drawing serious interest from two European producers/investors.

“Based on true events, the feature is a politthriller about the fraud that occurred when Greece entered the European Union,“ Ingrid says. The writers thoroughly investigated the circumstances of Greece’s entry: In 1981, the EU Commission was reluctant to accept Greece because of the countries weak economy. The Americans, however, strongly favoured the immediate entry for geostrategical reasons. Within two weeks, the EU Council of Ministers, for the first time in its history, unanimously overruled the Commission’s view. There is no dispute that the problems outlined by the Commission really existed and that they gave the nine member states a severe collective headache.

So, why did they suddenly say “yes?“

The Karma writers assume the clandestine involvement of the CIA and the international mafia. Ingrid and Mark have embedded the Greece/EU conspiracy in a compelling story about a female protagonist entering the mafia’s inner circle as an undercover agent. Janice falls for one of the mafia guys, the unloved son of the Godfather Raven, who murdered her father. Raven rules a huge mafia empire of human and drug trafficking, but he’s also an untouchable member of the Egyptian embassy and is protected by the CIA. The only way to prove his guilt is through the “Journal“ of Janices father, which contains comprehensive evidence not only of Raven’s crimes but also of the Greek/EU conspiracy – truly explosive material.

The finished script will become a thrilling Indiana Jones-like “Hunt for the lost treasure“, the writers promise, with “the Journal being the treasure and Janice being the hunter“. But, why involve Egypt? “Because, the oldest recorded martial art is Egyptian,“ Mark reveals.Egyptian fight training contains a performance dance, generally unknown to the public. The Egyptian martial arts dance allows Janice to learn something the monks don’t know, which gives her an advantage, but most importantly allows her to use this in an as impressive and sexy scene as Catherine Zeta-Jones danced with Sean Connery through the laser array in Entrapment.

The script has drawn the interest of two European producers, one of them is a manager of the European MediaDesk, which is a support program for the audiovisual industry of the continent. It offers funding opportunities, training programs and grants.

Ingrid Patzwahl, http://www.ingridpatzwahl.de

For more information go on http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2310510/  https://vimeo.com/108665408

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