Andrea Stefancikova Stars In Kidnapped In Romania

Andrea Stefancikova Stars In Kidnapped In Romania

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kidnapped in Romania, also called Romance in Black, is an indie drama, starring Andrea Stefancikova (Countdown, Dark Harvest), Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight), Maia Morgenstern (The Passion of the Christ, Ulysses’ Gaze), Abraam Fontana (Passion of the Christ) and Gouchy Boy (Brick Mansions) with a special appearance of Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas). The road-style thriller drama is directed by Carlo Fusco (Sins Expiation) and written by Filippo Luciano Santaniello (Bloody Sin). Kidnapped in Romania was filmed in the Romanian city Roman and surroundings in the fall of 2014. Two journalists, Andrea Stefancikova and Abraam Fontana are traveling through Romania on a work assignment. When their car breaks down on an isolated road in a rural town, they go missing.

Vancouver-based actress, Andrea Stefancikova, stars in the indie feature film – Kidnapped in Romania, set for a North American release on April 19th. Stefancikova has appeared in numerous films including WWE Studios’ Countdown (Dolph Ziggler/Nick Nemeth, Katherine Isabelle), The Right Kind of Wrong (Ryan Kwanten), Dark Harvest (Cheech Marin, Hugh Dillon), The Mystery Cruise (Gail O’Grady), World of Trouble (Idris Elba), Kill Switch (Steven Seagal), and more. Andrea is represented by Jamie Levitt of Lauren Levitt & Associates in Vancouver, BC.

Growing up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, Stefancikova first moved to Vancouver, BC in her late teens with her parents and brother. Working as a model, she lived in a few different countries before she fully dedicated herself to acting. She made Vancouver her base in 2011, and since then has accumulated an impressive volume of work. Stefancikova is fluent in English, Slovak, Czech, Italian and is able to pick up Spanish, French and German for work. She is familiar with Russian from her Russian dad.

Kidnapped in Romania will be available on DVD at Amazon.

Andrea Stefancikova Twitter: @andreastefanci Instagram: @andreastefanci

Jamie Levitt [email protected] Twitter: @LLATalent

Kidnapped in Romania:

Michael Madsen Maia Morgenstern Twitter: @maiamorgenstern

Gouchy Boy Twitter: @GouchyBoy

Abraam Fontana Twitter: @abraamfontana

Paul Sorvino Carlo Fusco

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