Animated Comedy Lost Hope – Archer Meets Starwars

Animated Comedy Lost Hope – Archer Meets Starwars

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Indie animated Scifi comedy Lost Hope looks to smash Adult Swim cartoons with Star Wars, packed with talented voice actors!  Using Kickstarter to build the first twenty-four minute episode of their four-part pilot, Lost Hope will be an animated sci-fi comedy epic that spans the universe and beyond.

Following the underappreciated and overworked team on board the Utopian Starship Hopeful, a ragtag band of unlikely heroes, as they struggle to survive the harsh vastness of space. They must keep what may be the last of humanity safe from extinction as they are hunted by a relentless foe. Story of Lost Hope Lost Hope and her crew are tossed into a galactic chase in order to survive the destruction of earth. It begins in the southwestern state of Nevada. After years of torture and experimentation, several of the Grey aliens that were held at Area 51 escape and return home to summon an armada. Over the following decade, Project Hopeful was put into effect to create three massive arcs. These arcs would serve as a bastion for humanity to survive the coming invasion. However, in 2020, the greys returned far earlier than expected. Forced from their home, undermanned, outgunned, and severely low on resources, the USS Hopeful was the only ship to escape. Now, on the run and in search of a new home, Clara Hope, Dawson Conner, Captain Reiner, and the rest of our crew must fend for themselves in a new, chaotic universe where every step could be their last. With so much at stake, and so little in their favour, our crew must push past exhaustion for the sake of us all. And although the future indeed seems bleak, armed with little more than their determination and plenty of sarcasm, the crew of the USS Hopeful have not lost hope.

Creator and Director Jeff Saamanen, and his wife of fifteen years Natalie Harvey, have joined forces before when they created a graphic novel called Worlds Beyond the Grave, a live-action pilot for a series called 4Villains and a six-part mini-series called Hench’d20. Now with their ten-year goal of running an animation studio well on its way, and a new flagship title in production, the two have joined forces with some amazingly talented voice actors to create the animated epic, Lost Hope. “We have lots of stories to tell, playing out as situations of interpersonal turmoil, as well as the events set on the galactic stage. We want to dive deep into our characters backgrounds, and watch as they struggle to support one another, to survive what may very well be their extinction.” – Jeff Saamanen.

With stars like Michael Hurst (Hercules & Xena, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Spartacus) and Marisha Ray, (Superpower Beatdown, Batgirl: Spoiled, and Critical Role on Geek & Sundry) and Vincent Caso (Felicia Day’s The Guild) Jeff and Natalie have brought together a stellar cast to voice their comical satire of all things Scifi. This is not merely an idea hoping to one day come to fruition. Both Jeff and Natalie have worked hard over the first two years of this project to develop and complete all pre-production of the first four-part pilot. This includes scripts, storyboards, full character rigs and art, props, environments, ships and more, all by themselves! “We didn’t want to bring Lost Hope to the crowdfunders empty handed, with just an idea and high hopes. We wanted to ensure we had a fully realized plan for production before asking for help!” – Natalie Harvey.

Lost Hope aims to be a comedic Scifi epic with mature themes and dramatic overtones. Said to be a mash between Star Wars and Archer, Lost Hope’s creators Jeff Saamanen and Natalie Harvey are shooting for the galactic stage in their satire of all things sci-fi. In a galaxy full of awesome adventures, Lost Hope will stand above the rest.

Watch their trailers, behind the scenes, making-of videos, and all things Lost Hope over at! Lost Hope Animated Scifi Comedy : Find Lost Hope

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Writer, Creator & Director by Jeff Saamanen LinkedIn: Twitter: @JSaamanen

Art Director & Producer Natalie Harvey Twitter: @Nerd_Natalie

Composer Michael Firmont: Soundcloud:

Starring Voice of Captain Reiner, Michael Hurst Twitter: @MichaelHurstNow IMDB:

Voice of Claudia Fitzsimmons, Marisha Ray Twitter: @Marisha_Ray IMDB:

Voice of Dawson Conner, Vincent Caso Twitter: @VinceCaso IMDB:

Voice of Clara Hope, Anna Hewlett Facebook: IMDB:

Voice of Cole Fletcher, Lewis Roscoe Twitter: @Arksville IMDB:

Voice of Regina Fitzsimmons, Teal Sherer Twitter: @TealSherer IMDB:

Voice of Marcello Carlos, Myke Allen Twitter: @mykeallen Facebook:

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