The Founder’s Desk #1

The Founder’s Desk #1

Having been neck deep in productions, as well as working on several secret projects over here at Max It, this updated is well past due.

Over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve started to notice some serious changes on The increased chatter on social media from our followers & fans, press releases are getting reviewed, fact checked, posted quicker, and then them making it to the social media feeds, plus the advertising. The menu bars are slowly growing out as the category of articles we’re receiving continue to expand. Overall, the volume of content being submitted is gaining momentum once again.

Not wanting to face the same situation that we faced with the original site, and what Sony faced shortly thereafter, we’ve been working to secure the new site and strengthen our servers. Since the relaunch in late September of 2015, which seems just a short while back, we’ve been beating the site and servers around to see what would break. We’ve been successful at making that happen on more than one occasion. This has allowed us to modify things and make sure that piece won’t break again. One example of this is the HUGE images that would pop up when you first landed on the front page. This was due to an image defaulting error in one of our scrollers. To solve the problem for the moment, we had to take that component offline.

Yes, we’re still dealing with some small issues, as well as a couple of larger ones, but nothing in comparison to what we faced with the original site. Especially the destruction that came at the end out of China. Watching, but not being able to stop it still leaves a knot in my stomach. All those articles, all that work, gone in a arching blaze of electrons. Not fun to say the least.

What doesn’t kill you simply makes you wish you were dead, right? Oh, wait, that’s not how it goes. It makes you stronger. Yeah, that’s right. And with the demise of the original site, we were able to rebuild with the help of our fans, indie filmmakers, and a very generous anonymous contributor. This allowed us to not simply rebuild the site, but massively improve the entire situation. Yes, we can still use some help with things, as there are a lot of pieces still to put into place, but that’s on the back burner. Later, we’ll be a contribution button on the front page for those that would like to help support our efforts with a few bucks. Data & bandwidth can be expensive.

For those that don’t know, we the founding members pay out of our pockets to keep things running around here. It’s our way of giving back to the industry we love. A set amount on a continual basis is viable, but when we had to completely rebuild the site and buy new servers, that was outside the budget. It was your support that made that happen. We truly appreciate and value your support and we hope it will be your support that continues the expansion and growth of Max It in the future.

If you glanced at the front page, you’ll have spotted the countdown on the upper left. It is counting down to the 4th of July. Once you see what we’re working on you’ll understand why we’re renaming it IndiePendence Day. Though I’m not going to go into any detail right now, what we’ll be launching could very likely change the entire indie film industry on a global level. Just like Max It Magazine did, yet on a far greater level. As we get closer, I’ll share more about what IndiePendence Day is.

So, on to the updates.

As of early today, if you look in the Apple Store & Android Marketplace, you’ll find the new app. Just do a search for and it will pop up. You’ll find an article on the front page with links to both. These provide feeds for both the news, as well as the social media feeds. As time progresses, we’ll be adding more features. Think of this as the beta version. Updates will be added as we get feedback, so feel free to let us know if you find something wrong with it, or if you like something about it. We’ll do our best to fix and augment the features as quickly as possible.

As of yesterday, we have had 1 million hits on the new site. The original site had 1.2 million in the first year. The new site is looking to blow that away very likely by the end of next month. It could also see 2 million hits by the end of its first year, if things continue at their current pace. A dramatic increase in traffic began this month, so who knows where it will end up. We’ll let you know as it goes along though.

With that being said, part of the reason articles are getting posted faster is that we’ve had some volunteers helping out, which has taken a huge load of the rest of us that are trying to work on the functionality of the site, along with the other pieces of the project. Their assistance in editing, fact checking and preparing articles for posting has been extremely helpful and truly appreciated.

If you look at the front page, on the left side you’ll find the newest feature Indie Talk. These are 1 minute indie film reviews by Mark Sanz (follow him on Twitter at @MarcusSanz). He’s also helping with editing articles and is even translating them from Spanish to English, for our non-English speaking indie filmmakers that want attention on their projects. His help has been invaluable.

If you want your indie film reviewed, just reach out to Mark through Twitter, or mention that you need your film reviewed through the @MaxItMagazine Twitter and we’ll give you a shout out to him for you.

The original site had press releases submitted from 74 countries. Since we accept press releases from around the world, we’ll be doing our best to make sure everyone, even those that don’t speak English, well have a chance to get the press their project deserves. How we hope to do this is as we expand, we hope to bring on several more assistant editors that are able to translate articles from a variety of languages. We’ll be focusing on the dominate ones first and work from there.

That about does it for this round of updates. Enjoy the indie film news and we’ll do our best to keep you informed.


Scott C. Brown


Twitter: @PushingThePen

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