Daniel James & Alana Milliord Cast In Snow Moon

Daniel James & Alana Milliord Cast In Snow Moon

Joining the cast of “Snow Moon” is Daniel James, an Australian actor/producer born in Brisbane, Queensland. He has over 15 years screen experience on both Australian and International productions, including feature films, television series, music videos, television commercials and short films.

Daniel discovered his passion for acting in his mid-twenties, when he worked on Shaun Cassidy and Ron Koslow’s Fox TV series “ROAR”. He also worked on the TV series Flipper, The Lost World and feature films Chameleon I and II ‘Death Match’, Waste, Swimming Upstream and Green Sails. Hiss most recognisable credit was the role as biochemist “ Stevie Best” in the 2014 Australian crime drama feature film “Rise”. Recent credits include work on back-to-back short films (The Red Ochre Man, Brothers Keeper, Patched, Bite Club, Our Darkly Perfect World, Dennis Mayhew’s Magic Mirror and Dralien) feature films (Space/Time, Pacific Theatre and Alfa Maschi). He’s currently in pre-production with feature film ‘Wolfpack’ taking on the lead role as “Pat Robertson” and Executive Producer. He has recently produced the short film “This Time” and worked on rap artist Cking music video “Save Me” with the aim to bring awareness to domestic violence.

After many years on set, Daniel brings understanding and focus to each role and responds effectively to direction. Daniel is a passionate and dedicated actor and continues to develop skills to hone his craft. Training with Queensland Actors Playhouse in 2008, Daniel furthered his skills by undertaking extensive training with renowned industry professionals and by participating in various casting director workshops and acting classes in order to enhance and expand his craft.

Daniel is also a qualified personal trainer and boxing fitness instructor. He enjoys keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Daniel has also trained in stage combat, sword-fighting, Chinese boxing, Muay Thai, and has recently undertaken knife fighting and weapons training. In 2013 Daniel completed 5 years of study to obtain his Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning Degree. He aims to bring awareness by being a voice to environmental and humanitarian issues.

Also joining the cast is Alana Milliord. At age 11, the first novel Alana Milliord ever read and fell in love with was written by Alexandria Altman. She is thrilled to be included in the cast of the new movie from Ms Altman’s most popular Snow Moon Series.

Alana began performing on stage at age 2 and has studied acting, dance, musical theater, voice, piano and guitar. She did her first commercial at Age 8 for Bright House Networks as one of Santa’s Elves and her first solo vocal performance at age 11 in a Florida State Park. Alana’s acting coach, Jonathan McFadden, won the Best New Talent of LA Award in 2004 and constantly commented on Alana’s natural acting ability in class when she studied at The Viera Studio for the Performing Arts She received a standing ovation at age 8 singing in her first show at school and then again at age 11, singing Taylor Swift’s, “Love Story”. Then at age 12, Alana was a guest performer acting in “Captain Commerce” for the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In March 2013, Alana was chosen as a State Finalist for the National American Miss Pageant. At age 11, Alana’s first ever entry into an art show won 1st Place in The Space Coast Art Festival. At age 12, she entered her first book, “HUMAN”, into the Young Author’s Conference and out of 10 schools entered in the contest, she won 2nd Place. She also won 1st Place in the Brevard County Science Fair after passing many interviews and receiving votes from diverse professionals. She was sent to the State competition and received a letter of recognition from Gov. Rick Scott. With many talents and interests, her love of reading and education is foremost. It hurts her to know that many children, especially girls in Third World countries, are forced to work as young as age 3 and prohibited from going to school or ever even reading a story.

She knows that the Snow Moon Series, from movies to books, will fascinate and encourage young and old to read more and shares Alexandria Altman’s passion for books and her tenderness towards children. She admires Ms. Altman’s devotion to helping children in need everywhere and is very excited about being cast in Snow Moon, believing that all children have the right to an education and is inspired by people like Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

In 2015, Alana’s persuasive power point presentation for her high school counselors showed how educating all girls would eliminate poverty in the next generation. As a result she was chosen to attend the HOBY National Youth Leadership Seminar at a prestigious college this summer. This thoughtful young girl also loves helping animals and wants to spend her 16th Birthday taking care of dogs and cats at the local shelter.

Alana is currently Dual enrolled in College and in the Honors Program of her Florida High School. She is happily looking forward to joining the Cast of Snow Moon.

More information can be found at the website at www.swgstudioproductions.com http://www.facebook.com/SnowMoonSeries http://www.twitter.com/snowmoonseries

Daniel James IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6633320

Snow Moon Series: http://www.swgstudioproductions.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SnowMoonSeries

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