Superman vs Doomsday

Superman vs Doomsday

Liquid Metal Productions, in cooperation with Pushing The Pen, announced last week the development of a fan film entitled “Superman vs Doomsday”. Drawing cast from prior Superman movies, the “Smallville” series, and along with several other well-recognized actors, production is set to begin summer of 2016.

“This is a film the fans have been waiting for and we’re going to deliver it!” stated Morgan Strebler, Producer and President of Liquid Metal Productions. “That’s why we have so many quality cast and crew members wanting to help make it happen.”

Written & directed by Scott C. Brown, the film will follow the traditional elements from the Superman comic universe, while drawing from key pieces from the multiverse story line. Focusing on Clark Kent’s little known teen life and his interest in journalism, to his working for the Daily Planet, the story will bring more of his backstory to light, while better explaining his need to protect humanity as a whole.

“Originally, I presented my ideas to DC, they passed, but only after borrowing several pieces for the current Superman vs Batman movie. It was after they turned it down that I brought Scott on intending for him to only write the script. He’s written and sold dozens of scripts since he stopped ghostwriting a few years ago, but most people don’t realize he’s directed as well. I like his ability to tell a solid story and the creative way in which he does it. It was only after discussing the storyline with him and how to actually bring the project together, to really expounding on what needed to be told, did I realize that he was the right director for the project.

He has already brought a lot to the table. Within minutes of his agreeing to direct the project and my mentioning some actors that I would like, that he had them attached to the film. It’s really filling out to be a great slate of quality people working on this passion project of mine!”

Currently starring will be Aaron Smolinski, from the Superman movies, as Lex Luthor, Michael Montgomery, from the Green Bay Packers and Tyler Perry’s new series, as Doomsday, Stan Houston, from “Selma”, “Indianapolis & One Mississippi”, as General Lane, Ulises Galenano as the Red Lantern, and Destiny Flanders as Young Lana Lang. Several other named talent are rumored, but not being announced. Joining the cast will be Morgan’s own sons, Hunter Strebler who will be playing the Young Clark Kent and Caleb Strebler who will be playing Teen Clark Kent.

“Superman has always been a great story line to me,” stated Scott C. Brown, writer & director. “So when I was asked to write the script, I wanted to make sure it stayed true to the original story line. Not the movies, but where the story first started. The comics. After that, bring the alternate stories into play, but with a focus on what the fans want. Morgan agreed.

A little twist that the fans will like is that we are using the original baby Superman, from the Christopher Reeves movie, as Lex Luthor in this one. Aaron has deeply involved in most of the movies, so we are extremely happy to have him involved in this one as well. An actor playing both sides, Superman and then his arch enemy Lex Luthor, is a first. And we have it here!”

“We’ll be using a combination of crowdfunding and fan sponsored support to bring the whole thing together. Several pieces are already in place and each day we find we’ve more and more support.” said Morgan Strebler. “I’ve no doubt that we’ll be able to create a great movie that the fans truly want. Maybe once they see what we’ve accomplished, DC will be interested in sitting down and discussing the project. Either way, the fans will have their film!”

Producer: Morgan Strebler

Twitter: @MorganStrebler



Writer & Director: Scott C. Brown

Twitter: @PushingThePen






Aaron Smolinski

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Michael Montgomery

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Stan Houston

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Caleb Strebler


Ulises Galenano

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Destiny Flanders

Hunter Strebler




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