Mordred – New Arthurian Feature
The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company announce “Mordred”, a new Arthurian drama feature film and stage show. “Mordred” is a drama, researched & written by members of the South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company. This team specializes in historical and mythological dramas and is based in Brixham, South Devon.
Killer Issues Begins Production
Things go horribly wrong when two assassins are forced to deal with the consequences to their actions.
Forward Brings Diversity To Sci-Fi
A sci-fi series that works to expand the horizons of diversity in film.
Superman Vs Doomsday
Superman vs Doomsday Fan Film brings Superman franchise cast and stars.
Piece Of Weirk Releases New Comedy Series
Piece Of Weirk takes comedy to a new level.
Max It Launches Beta Of New Site
With a fresh look, but still a total focus on indie film and helping filmmakers gain attention on their projects, Max It Magazine relaunches with a new site.
Interview With The Founder Of Max It
An in depth interview with the founder of Max It.
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